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Beer is one of those amazing things that is deep-rooted in human history.  Some of the first and earliest known farmers in agrarian societies brewed and drank beer.  Today, the world enjoys a vast diversity of brews and the term "craft beer" is widely known as it is consumed.  Though dogs might not appear to be connected directly with beer, expect by the colloquial expression, "hair of the dog that bit you," dogs are often named after a favorite craft beer or their names represent their owner's love and appreciation of beer.  Dog names within the beer theme are endless and non-restrictive to the size or breed of any dog.

Beer Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Beer Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Beer-themed dog names are unique in that no one breed of dog is better suited to bear the name Barley, Bomber, or Brewer.  However, males dogs are slightly easier to name after a favorite beer-inspired term than the female dogs.  The lady dogs are certainly not excluded, but often they will have subtler names, like Stella, Lace, or Amber.  Owners who love want to give their special new friend a beer inspired name should consider the color of their dog as well.  For example, Barley is described as a light, golden color whereas Porter is dark.  For female dogs, Amber would suit a red-colored dog well as Lace would work for a white-colored dog.  The size and sturdiness of your dog should also be considered.  Stout is excellent for a sturdy, low to the ground dog like an English Bulldog, whereas Brewer or Buster seems to suit Terrier-type dogs with rough or medium to long hair. Other than consideration for the size and color of your dog, any dog can easily fit into a beer-themed name. Some owners may wish to be subtler with their beer references or chose a name of their favorite microbrewery. Whatever you chose as your dog's beer-themed name, it is sure to have meaning for you and display your love of both beer and your dog.
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