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Marvel Comics' Incredible Hulk has risen to the heights of pop cultural fame, thanks in no small part to his prevalence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Green Goliath has become synonymous with bouts of hysterical strength, as the term "Hulk out" is often used to describe some who goes into a fit of rage that causes them to wreck havoc on their surroundings. Despite his impossibly immense strength, the  Hulk is ultimately a tragic being who just wants to be left alone more often than not. Furthermore, the Hulk also shares a body with Dr. Bruce Banner, a meek and humble scientist who often sees his alternate Hulk persona as a curse he can't control. Nevertheless, the two personalities of the Hulk and Bruce Banner have managed to come together in the past in order to achieve feats of true heroism.

Hulk Inspired Dog Names In Pop Culture

Why Give Your Dog A Hulk Inspired Name?

The Hulk is a very interesting character due to the fact that he had virtually always existed in the mind of Bruce Banner, long before he was exposed to Gamma radiation. Brian Banner was a terribly abusive father to Bruce and an equally horrible husband to Bruce's mother, Rebecca Banner. To cope with the excessive abuse he experienced at the hands of his father, Bruce's mind created the Hulk persona when he was a child. Indeed, this is the reason why the Hulk often speaks in such terse and rudimentary sentences; the incredible Hulk, despite his endlessly immense reserves of strength, has the mental faculties of small child because he was created by a small child. 

Tragically,  Brian Banner's abusive tendencies were taken to the extreme one day, leading him to murder Rebecca Banner and attempt to murder Bruce as well. Bruce managed to survive, and Brian was taken away by the authorities, but damage had been done and the Hulk's place in Bruce's mind had been cemented; the Hulk persona would always arise to protect Bruce during instances of extreme duress, such as when Bruce was exposed to an extraordinary amount of Gamma Radiation. The Hulk's name is synonymous with physical strength, but it will hopefully become more synonymous with resilience and being able to weather the various trials life throws one's way.

Name considerations for your dog can focus on the strength of the Hulk, especially if your pup will grow to be a large breed. Fun aspects can include a small dog who has the persona of a tough character, and a canine with a proud and determined stance would wear a Hulk name well, too.

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