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The post-apocalyptic television show Z-Nation was first released in 2014 and quickly gained a following with its blend of fear and humor. The series follows a group of survivors that are protecting society’s best hope for a cure, a former prisoner named Alvin Murphy who was injected with a vaccine just minutes before being bitten by several zombies, and the only person to survive a zombie attack without fully becoming a zombie himself. They are helped in their efforts to get from New York to California by Citizen Z, a private stationed at a remote listening location in the Arctic who has access to surveillance and transmission equipment throughout the United States and is able to help coordinate efforts and sometimes warn the group about impending dangers, and hindered by Murphy’s own reluctance to be humanity’s best hope. Five seasons of this show have been released so far with a number of revolving people and places, giving fans ample opportunities for inspiration when coming up with a name for their new canine companions. 

Z Nation Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Z Nation Inspired Dog Name Considerations

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing a name for a new canine companion. In order to avoid confusion on your pup's part, it is best to choose a name that is easy for both you and the other members of the household to pronounce as well as one that is distinct from the most common commands that you plan on teaching your dog. There are also several ways of narrowing down a list of names based on a popular television show like this list. Many individuals start by looking at the dog's physical characteristics, leading to choices like Red, Addy, or Firecloud for a dog with a red colored coat, or Lucy or Murphy, for a dog with a blue coat, while others prefer to reference the dog's behavior and habits, selecting a name like Nana or Kaskae for a taciturn or quiet dog, or Antoine, Mack, or Serena for a faithful dog that would give anything to protect the ones they love. If you don't want to use the name of an actual character from Z Nation as your dog's moniker, there are still several options available, such as using a name referencing a place unique to the series, like Zona or Limbo, or an item that had particular meaning on the show such as Liberty for the Liberty Bell or Bizcuit, to reference the Z-Bizcuits that are given to talking zombies to keep them from fully turning.
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