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Did you recently bring home a furry bundle of love and you are trying to think of the perfect cute name for your beloved pooch? Names are hard. Sometimes, it helps if you think about topics that you find interesting. Do you enjoy Chinese food? Are you a fan of Asia? Do you dream of visiting the Orient? Would you love to walk along the Great Wall of China? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then a name that focuses on Hong Kong might be the perfect handle for your dog.

Hong Kong Dog Names in Pop Culture

Hong Kong Dog Name Considerations

In ancient China, the dog and the pig were the first animals domesticated. Remains in the country of canines have been found that date to 4,000 BC. During excavations of tombs, historians have concluded that dogs and humans were all regular sacrifices by early Chinese civilizations. Also, the dog and the pig were trendy initial food choices. 

Although many in rural areas of China still view dogs as a source of protein, in the bustling and vibrant city of Hong Kong, the dog is a favored and beloved pet. Many urban couples who have no children or only one child turn to dogs as companions. Their precious pooches are spoiled and pampered. It is well known that residents of the city have a love affair with big dogs. The bigger, the better. Tibetan Mastiffs are very favored amount the city's elite. 

If you want to name your beloved furry buddy a handle that is related to Hong Kong and China, then you could call your female dog, "Bo" which translates into precious. The name "Caihong" refers to the rainbow in the sky. "Cheung" is a very healthy male. "Cong" is a highly intelligent and wise man. "Huang" is a great name for a Golden Retriever or a Yellow Labrador because it means "golden."

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