Beverly Hills Chihuahua Inspired Names

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For decades Walt Disney Studios has provided us with excellent entertainment and the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie series is no exception. With true Disney flair we're carried into the life of this rich Chihuahua who gets lost in Mexico. Chloe is used to living in the lap of luxury but when she gets dognapped, life gets rough. Chloe's not a quitter, though, and is determined to get home despite the dangers. If you hope your new dog will also be brave, determined, and loyal, perhaps it needs a Beverly Hills Chihuahua influenced name. 

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Beverly Hills Chihuahua Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, you can find the perfect Beverly Hills Chihuahua influenced name. Disney always chooses great names for its characters and this movie is no exception. What you have to do is figure out which name is perfect for your dog. 

The most important thing to remember is to choose a name you like. You need to be comfortable saying the name and, if there are children in the family, it needs to be easy for them to pronounce as well.  The dog needs to be able to recognize it, too, so a fairly short name will work best. Two to three syllables max usually works well, especially ones that includes hard consonants like b's and n's.

Color, size, breed, and personality are all things to consider when naming your dog. Watch your dog closely for the first couple of days. Is there anything distinctive about him? Does he waddle when he walks or does he seem to sleep a lot? Maybe your dog loves to play or is a piglet when it comes to food. All of these things can give you clues to what  your dog's name ought to be. It needs to fit your personality and the dog's! Take these canine traits and relate them to the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie; selecting the perfect moniker will be easier than you think.

It's also a good idea to avoid names that sound like commands. For instance Ray sounds too much like stay and Jake sounds like shake. Names of other family members or friends who are around frequently should also be avoided to eliminate confusion. 

Naming your dog is a big decision. Think how many times you'll be saying it over the years. It needs to come natural and suit your personality. Names we choose give a little peek into your make up, what you love, and how you think. Choose a name from our list that everyone will think is perfect for the furry love of your life.

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