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The Blue Lacy dog breed (also known as the Texas Blue Lacy) is a gorgeous short haired breed that was developed in the heart of Texas. While their name seems to suggest that the dog only comes in a blue color, that is not the case. They can also have fur in shades of red, cream, and tricolor! This all-around utility dog has a great work ethic and can withstand both hot and cold climates, despite their short fur. If you own one of these dogs, then you know that their personality is very loyal and loving, with the tendency to create very tight bonds with their owners.

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Blue Lacy Dog Name Considerations

As can be imagined, when it comes to choosing a name for your Blue Lacy, one of the biggest factors is going to be coat color. Of course, traditional Texan names could also be a great choice as that is where the breed was developed (perhaps even the classic and simple name of "Tex" for Texas would be awesome), but in this list, we focus strongly on coat color. For example, thanks to the "Blue" descriptor in this breed's name, monikers that describe all the varying colors of blue may be great options for this particular dog type. Say that you have a Blue Lacy with a very dark coat. A few excellent name choices may be "Navy", "Indigo", "Inky", or even "Violet" (as this is a shade of purple-blue). For those dogs with a lighter blue color, or even into the cream, you can choose names such as "Baby" (for Baby Blue), "Periwinkle", "Alice", or maybe even just "Blue". When it comes to the "Lace" part of this breed's name, there are more options available than you may have originally thought! Because there are many different types of lace, names such as "Lile", "Bissette", "Argentan", and "Torchon" are available.
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