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The Dingo is a type of dog native to the Australian climate.  It has been said that Asian seafarers may have introduced this dog to Australia about 4,000 years ago. Beautiful and aloof, this dog is a mystery to the locals, preferring to stay away from human contact although they have been pets for the indigenous Aboriginal peoples over the course of time. Taking their history into account, you may be at a loss as to know what to name your Dingo, if you are one of the privileged few who has the opportunity to raise them.  Check out our list of names - you will find unique and fitting names for the Dingo here.

Dingo Dog Names in Pop Culture

Dingo Dog Name Considerations

The name you give your Dingo should reflect on their nature and character. A name such as Lilardia, which means flower, is an acknowledgment of their association with the native Aboriginal people, whereas a name such as Rocky alludes to the dog's strength and ability to overcome adversity. Your dog deserves a fitting name, one that you can be proud of and one that you can say in public without embarrassing yourself. You can use the size of your dog, the color, or even their nature to inspire a name; Goldie would suit a golden coated Dingo, or Goliath would suit a large dog. A native name such as Darana represents one of the Deities during the Aboriginal Dreamtime. Iluka means 'by the sea'.  Jarli translates to 'barn owl' in the native Jiwarli language. These names are as beautiful as the Dingo that you want to name. Our list of 60 monikers takes away the hard work and allows you to find your favorites - then you only have to make the final choice!
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Community Dogs With Dingo Names

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