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White English bulldogs are loyal protectors who are fiercely loyal to their human families. If you have chosen to add one to your family, you will have a faithful companion who likes to work. Work for these dogs is a necessity. Without it they may develop destructive behaviors. They are protective of their master, their master's property, and their master's family. It is important that this type of dog knows you are the pack leader. It is not a suitable breed for living only indoors. If you have a farm, this dog would make an ideal pet. Of course, a large fenced in back yard will also work well.

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White English Bulldog Name Considerations

White English Bulldogs are not your typical short, stout English Bulldogs. These dogs stand taller, are built slimmer and do not have a very short, punched in snout. Instead they have a square head, white coat, sometimes with spots covering less than 25% of their bodies, and can weigh up to 110 pounds. You can take inspiration for your new addition's name from their color, work ethic or personality. There are many interesting names that mean white, like Blanca or Pearl. You might want to consider a name that means powerful as well. Brave, protective, and fiercely loyal are other traits to take into consideration when naming your dog. 

These canines were bred as farm dogs who guarded both the livestock and the people. This attitude comes naturally to White English Bulldogs and rarely has to be taught. They are naturally wary of strangers but will follow your lead when it comes to dealing with them. This dog enjoys plenty of exercise. Sports names like Jogger and Hunter are often in the running. A White English Bulldog is a strong animal who likes to keep busy. A name with some action in it suits them well.

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