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The Australian Kelpie is a fairly new breed of dog; it was only recognized by the American Kennel Club as a member of the herding group in 2017.  It was originally used as a guard dog and herding dog in Australia, and its ancestry is thought to come from the famous Dingo, a wild dog that lives in the Australian outback. If the newest addition to your family is a cute Kelpie, then you need to give him or her a deserving name – maybe an Australian inspired name would be just the right fit.  Choosing a forever name for your new companion is never easy, but good news, this guide includes a list of the top 60 names for your Kelpie, so read on for inspiration! 

Australian Kelpie Dog Names in Pop Culture

Australian Kelpie Dog Name Considerations

Naming your Australian Kelpie might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!  Luckily, there is much inspiration to be taken from this guide as a list has been provided with our 30 top male and top 30 female names for your new Kelpie.  

You might want to consider your Kelpie's origins, for example an Australian inspired name could be great – like Boomerang, or Roo if you love the Australian furry bouncer.  You could even consider names inspired by Australian places like Dundee, Sydney, or Victoria.  Sienna means a brownish-red color such as the earthy shade often seen in the region, so color consideration is also another thing to think about.  

Remember, your Kelpie stands proud so you could ponder a name that reflects this trait, like Rex (meaning king) or Angus (meaning strength). Aboriginal names are also a possible consideration, like Orana. 

The main thing to think about is, whatever name you choose will be your four-legged friend’s name for life.  Make sure you do your research and come up with a deserving name for your beloved pet.  Check out the list below and write down any that you think might suit your furry friend, and then you can go back to the list later and see if there are any that fit your dog. Choose your forever-name carefully!

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Kipp's name story for Australian Kelpie Dog Names
Australian Kelpie
Houston, AL

There’s not much of a story, other than me accidentally saying the breed name wrong, 😆. Instead of saying Kelpie, I said Kipley. I thought, wow that’s an adorable mix up, but since my newborn pupper is a boy I’ll shorten it to Kipp. He is so cute!

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