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 The Löwchen dog breed is a very old breed that frequently found favor with the Royal families and noblemen and women of Europe. The history of the breed has been obscured by time, however, and there is no way to know where they originally developed, or who developed them. The two most popular theories are that they were developed in the area around Germany, France, and Belgium, or that they were developed in the Mediterranean, alongside the Bichon type dogs that were developed in that area. These trainable and resourceful little dogs have come close to extinction many times, due to European conflicts, but fortunately for us, the happy-go-lucky Löwchen has prevailed. 

Löwchen Dog Names in Pop Culture

Löwchen Dog Name Considerations

 The Löwchen dog breed has been around for several centuries and was often found in the courts of royalty and the homes of nobility, particularly in the of the French and German regions. This makes royalty related names like Prince, Princess, and Duchess very appropriate for these little dogs, as well as names that mean noble or nobility, such as Adalbert, Adelle, Herluin, and Elke. They are also bright little dogs, and if you wish to highlight that particular Löwchen trait, there are many names within this list that do just that; names like Philbert and Rupert work well. These small dogs have been around long enough that they have been featured in many art pieces, particularly portraits of wealthy families, and this can provide a great deal of inspiration as well. Some people may choose to name their dog after the subjects of the paintings, leading to names like Magnus, Maria, Anne, or Henri, while other individuals may prefer to honor the artists responsible for the names, such as Jan Havickszoon Steen, Francisco de Goya, or Jean-Baptiste Mallet. Despite their popularity, this breed almost became extinct after World War II, and was only saved due to the efforts of a few dedicated breeders, and honoring these breeders can lead to names like Maximillian, Madame, or Hans.  

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