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You just got an amazing new puppy and you're wondering how you ever got this far without him. He's lovable and friendly, your companion who follows you everywhere and hears you out when you need to just vent about your day. He's everything you've always wanted in a puppy, he's... 

Well, he's unnamed at the moment. But that's OK! Not rushing into a name is a wise move. It gives you time to really get to know your dog, get a feel for any quirks that could influence a catchy name. But for the sake of brainstorming, here are some dog names that start with the letter Y. 

Dog Names That Start With Y in Pop Culture

Dog Names that Start Y Considerations

When you're selecting a dog name, do you ever just stop and wonder what those names mean? Everyone's name, from Christopher to Melanie, have meanings.  Historical ones, religious ones, even meanings associated with tribes or other social structures. 

 You wouldn’t want to make your dog something negative, especially if it doesn't even make sense for the dog. For instance, imagine naming your dog something that potentially means "outgoing, extrovert," when your dog is actually the shyest puppy you've ever seen. How ironic! More so, imagine naming a dog a very bland, stereotypical name. Much like humans, animals have their own personalities, each of them unique and interesting. A bland name wouldn't do that justice. 

But before you start fretting about the pressure, remember – this is your friend! Hopefully your best friend. And spending time with this newfound friend should be your main priority. It's through that quality time together that you'll discover who this dog is, how he or she reacts to things, and even their preferences. You'll be able to answer whether the dog is outgoing, shy, laid back or antsy, a huge sleeper, or hyperactive. And once you have more information, you'll be able to really pinpoint the perfect name. 

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