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Names that end in 'ly' may be appreciated for many different reasons. For one thing, they have a bright and lyrical sound that can either resemble an "ee" or a "lie" phonetic. Secondly, to pair with the bright nature of these names, the 'ly' ending may be perfect for those dogs that have a very energetic and happy personality. The lift at the end of the word mimics that of a joyful sound wonderfully.  Whether you like the way that the word sounds, or just the way that it looks written out, finding a name that ends in 'ly' is not a hard thing to do. There are a lot of really unique spellings on classic names available as well as some brand new names that you may never have heard of before!

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Dog Name Ending in 'ly' Considerations

If you are looking to name your dog with a title that ends in 'ly', it may be for the sake of rhyming with another pet's name, or perhaps your own name. There are many, many variations of popular names that have been tweaked so that their spelling works with an 'ly' ending, but there are also quite a few names that naturally end in 'ly' and have really interesting meanings. For instance, the name Bly is from the Native American influence and means "high or carefree". A name such as this would be perfect for a breed of dog that is naturally happy-go-lucky or extremely energetic. 

Another great way to choose a title for your dog may be based on the origin of the name. All words have an origin from a language and a few examples that can be found in this list are Irish, Old English, Latin, and Germanic. Depending on your background or even your dog's background, you may want to choose an 'ly' name that is specific to a certain language. For example, if you have a female German Shepherd puppy, you may choose a name that has a Germanic background such as Tilly, which means "mighty in battle". 

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Holly's name story for Dog Names Ending in ly
Davenport, IA

She was a Christmas gift and I cried when I first held her. When I opened my eyes I saw a holly bush.

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