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The movie George of the Jungle, released in 1997, was an adaption of a short lived cartoon from 1967 which was meant as a spoof of the Tarzan movies. In the movie, George, played by Brenden Frasier, was stranded in the African Jungle due to a plane crash when he was a baby and raised by a talking ape named Ape. He becomes a friend and beloved leader to the animals in the jungle and is referred to as the King of the Jungle, despite his tendency to run into trees when swinging on vines. When he meets heiress and explorer Ursula Stanhope, he falls in love, much to the chagrin of her fiancé, and many misadventures follow as she brings him back to the city to meet her family, before they return to the jungle to get married.

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George of the Jungle Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your new pet is an important decision; it's a name that you will likely be hearing and saying several times a day, hopefully for quite some time. One way to select a name for your dog is to draw inspiration from a favorite book, television show, or movie, like the movie George of the Jungle, released in 1997. There are several ways to pinpoint your dog's new name from a list of names that are derived from a movie, like this one. Some of the names may describe your pooch's physical appearance, like Zebra for a black and white dog, Java for a dog with a dark brown coat, or Whitewater for one with a white coat, while others can describe your dog's personality, like Smooch, Lion, or Fella. You can choose the name of a major character in the movie, such as George, Ursula, or even Narrator, or you can choose a character with a shorter role, such as Kwame, Thor, Beatrice, or Betsy. Another option is to choose a name based on a place in the movie, such as Bukavu, Francisco, Tanganyika, or Vegas, or on an object that is important to the plot, like Coconut, Juju, or Bongo.
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