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The English language is full of rules, regulations, and most importantly, letters. Although all letters are vital to reading and writing, some tend to receive more attention than the rest; those letters are called vowels. Most people likely know what a vowel is already, but for the sake of covering all our bases, the letters that hold the title of "vowel" are a,e,i,o,u, and sometimes y. According to the dictionary, a vowel can be described as a speech sound that is created by an "articulation of which the oral part of the breath channel is not blocked and is not constricted enough to cause audible friction". So it is a very open sounding letter, as opposed to the rest of the alphabet (known as consonants), which tend to be spoken with a more closed off mouth shape.

Dog Names Ending in a Vowel in Pop Culture

Dog Name Ending in a Vowel Considerations

If you are someone who enjoys language and understanding more about it, you may find the idea of choosing a name specifically because of it's phonetic ending rather interesting. Since vowels have such a bright and open sound to them, event those who don't hold any special attention towards vowels as a whole can appreciate names that end with those particular letters.

When it comes to deciding which dog types may be a good fit for names that end in a vowel, the great news is that there really isn't a specific rule set! Any dog can fit a name within this theme, as there is quite a variety of meanings and sounds to choose from. For instance, the name "Chance" is a moniker that has a strong ring to it, but can also holds a sense of vulnerability. Perhaps you have rescued a dog from the pound and this is his second chance at a super fantastic life! Or, you may have a large and proud breed that just truly bears the name well. Even a small dog with a peppy personality could be named "Chance"; it all just depends on how you, as the owner, interpret the meaning behind the name. This example truly helps to show just how versatile titles that end in a vowel can be.

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