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The Drever is an interesting and robust hound that was bred in Sweden to hunt deer over rough terrain. The Drever has a long body and short, well-muscled legs that can carry them over long distances. These dogs are even-tempered and intelligent. They should never be nervous, aggressive, or shy. Your Drever will be a vocal companion, especially when they are playing or alerting you to visitors. Even though they can be vocal, they do adapt to most living arrangements. The Drever is a rare breed, especially within the United States. However, these affectionate hounds make excellent companions for families with children. They are easy to train and love to play games. 

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Drever Dog Name Considerations

Deciding to add a Drever to your family is a decision that should not be taken lightly. While these small hounds are adorable with their long ears, longer back, and short legs, they do require a good amount of daily exercise to keep them happy. The Drever is a vocal breed and will express their displeasure, happiness, and watchfulness through barking. If you are lucky enough to find a Drever breeder within the United States that has puppies available, you should consider yourself lucky. Many people have to be on a wait list for months and sometimes years before bringing a puppy home. Once your new Drever puppy is home, it is time to find the right name for them. The Drever originated in Sweden and there are many interesting names with Swedish ancestry that would be a great fit for a Drever puppy. When you are searching for a name, keep in mind that you do not want to give them a name that sounds similar to a command word that will be used in their training. You also do not want to give them a name that is already being used around the neighborhood. Your neighbor’s pets or children may have names that you like, but you do not want to copy them and cause confusion for your dog or your neighbor’s family. 

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