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If you absolutely love The Last of Us and the dynamic between Ellie and Joel really grasped you, then this is the dog name guide for you! The following are 60 names that are related to the game. Everything from characters to locations and even the creators behind the game series. So grab your favorite pen, and pull out some paper, it's time to take notes on anything that catches your eye. Just remember to pay extra close attention to name meanings and references, as it can really make or break a choice. You want the name to reflect your dog, after all.

The Last of Us Dog Names in Pop Culture

The Last of Us Dog Name Considerations

Whenever you're naming a dog, there are a few things that you should really keep in mind. Doing so can help make the process simple, rather than overly stressful, like it tends to be. Overthinking name selections is inevitable at some point or another. This is a sign you love your pet and want the perfect name, so don't feel too terrible.

But instead, think about a few things, such as size, appearance, gender, age, personality, and preferences. You can even consider breed and breed origin. Collecting all the information you possibly can about the dog can really help lead you in the right direction. For instance, if your dog is very friendly and joyful, but makes a terrible guard dog, he may be like Buckley, Tommy's dog in The Last of Us. But if he's more stubborn and slow to warm up to people, he just might be a Joel.

In other words, getting to know your dog is crucial, because then you know which names make absolute sense, and which don't. Don't make the mistake of forcing a name on the dog if it simply doesn't flow well. Trust your instinct. Finally, remember you're going to say this name several times a day, so make sure it's short or that it can be shortened (nickname).

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Community Dogs with The Last of Us Names

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