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Who doesn’t love Disney movies, especially those with lovable, cheerful dogs that bring a smile to your face! Everyone has their favorite Disney dog character and many times these favorite pups influence us when choosing the name for our own new pooch. Throughout the years, Disney has given us a plethora of dog characters that have made us laugh, cry, scream and fall in love. These Disney dogs come in all shapes, sizes and breeds. Your new puppy’s name will reflect your love of all things Disney and the humanized dog characters that have stolen our hearts throughout the years. 

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Disney Dog Character Dog Name Considerations

It is an exciting time when a new puppy comes into your family. Finding the perfect name for your new bundle of joy can sometimes be stressful, but you should have fun during the name search process. Have the whole family make suggestions and if you are a family that loves Disney dog characters, this is the perfect opportunity to honor a Disney character that has stolen your heart. While there are many purebreds featured by Disney and given unforgettable names, do not feel that you have to pick a Disney dog character based on their breed. It is perfectly acceptable to have a small dog named Beethoven or a large dog named Percy. In fact, the unexpectedness may just be what you were hoping for and give you a chuckle every time you see the surprised expression of people you meet. Your pup’s name should be a reflection of his personality and many times their behavior will remind you of a specific Disney dog character. So whether you have a Great Dane named Percy, a Chihuahua named Beethoven, a St. Bernard named Bolivar or a Dachshund named Danke, their name will reflect who they truly are and give a little insight into your own individuality. 

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Community Dogs With Disney Dog Character Dog Names

Figment's name story for Disney Dog Character Dog Names
Australian Shepherd
Los Angeles, CA
sweet and protective

There is a character at Epcot center called "Figment of Your Imagination" we always told the kids a dog would be a figment of their imagination (we'd never get one)

Sydney's name story for Disney Dog Character Dog Names
Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)
San Rafael, CA

Sydney was on her way to meet her friend Tiana Gianna them the blood hound when she came upon a pug in distress and she ask him waht was wroung he saidI can’t find my Tennis ball She asked may I help you look he said shure so they looked and she found it and she went on her way to meet her friend.

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