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Pete’s Dragon was first introduced to the American public in 1977 when an animated green and purple dragon named Elliot helps a young orphan named Pete escape his captors and find a family around the turn of the century in a fictional American fishing village known as Passamaquoddy. In 2016 a new and updated version of Pete’s Dragon was released, this time with events starting in 1977, the original release date of the first Pete’s Dragon, with a new furrier version of Elliot, and a brand new Pete. Although only the 1977 version is a musical, both movies have heartwarming stories with fun and fantastic effects, and were warmly received by both critics and the public. No matter which of these heartwarming tales is your favorite Elliot, this list should provide plenty of inspiration.  

Pete’s Dragon Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Pete’s Dragon Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a new name for your dog is an exciting and important responsibility for new pet owners. Picking a name that is easy to consistently pronounce may help your new canine companion to easily recognize their own name and a name that your specific dog naturally responds to may enhance bonding and training exercises. Many people may choose a name based on a favorite television show or movie and both versions of Pete’s Dragon were well-liked uplifting films, perfect inspiration for an uplifting or nostalgic name. Some individuals may prefer to concentrate on characters from one film or another, choosing names for their dog like Nora, Lampie, or Terminus from the first film or Grace, Jack, or Natalie from the second. The names of the actors and actresses of these films may also provide some inspiration with actor names like Helen, Sean, or Mickey from the 1977 musical and Oakes, Bryce, and Oona from the 2016 feature film. Other people may prefer to give their canine a name that can connect to either movie, choosing a name like Pete, Elliot, or even Saturn. Whichever method you used to pinpoint the perfect name for your pooch, this list should provide you with some magical inspiration.

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