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As a popular TV show with lots of strong characters and creatures, Game of Thrones is a series that can inspire us when we are choosing a name for our dog, as there are lot of strong male and female characters that we admire.  We absorb ourselves in their world and feel like we know them, so what better way to show how much we love the show than to name our awesome family dog in true Game of Thrones style.  We might want our dog to be courageous like Arya, or righteous like Ned. Regardless, of your reasons, names inspired by Game of Thrones will certainly represent strength and resourcefulness. 

Game of Thrones Dog Names in Popular Culture

Game of Throne Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a forever-name for your new dog is difficult, but there is a lot of inspiration to be taken from Game of Thrones.  Maybe your pup is beautiful and deserves a name like Daenerys, or should have a giant name like Wun Wun, to match its giant personality.  If you live in King's Landing, you may want a small, pretty lap dog, like a Bichon Frise or Chihuahua, named Myrcella, inspired by the late Baratheon/Lannister princess.  Regardless, a suitable name can certainly be found with a little inspiration from in and around the Seven Kingdoms. 

If your pooch thrives in the cold and is wolf-like in nature, body, or spirit, you may wish to choose a name inspired by the Stark direwolves.  Ghost is bright white in color, caring and loyal in nature, and loves to track, like the Samoyed breed.  Grey Wind is large and strong.  This would be a great name for an Alaskan Malamute breed.  Grey Wind is resourceful and can survive harsh conditions.  Shaggydog is large and dark in color, similar to the black and grey Tamaskan.  Lady resembles a Siberian Husky, especially when she inquisitively narrows her eyes.  Nymeria is very strong-willed and spirited.  She is fearless and resembles the Kugsha breed.  Finally, Summer, is very smart and loyal.  He closely resembles a Northern Inuit, and is brown and white color. German Shepherds are said to be ancestors of the Northern Inuit.    

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