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Space has long intrigued man who has looked to the stars for everything from navigation to the meaning of life.  Some people feel amazed and even humbled by the vastness and beauty of space and may choose a cosmic-inspired theme for their new puppy or dog's name.  Both professional and armchair astronomers and those involved with the study of space will find their dog's space-inspired name meaningful.  Meaningful names often inspire happiness and love and are spoken in happy, cheerful tones.  The happiness communicated in a dog owner's voice helps to strengthen the bond between man and dog and makes dog ownership something really out of this world.

Space Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Space Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Few considerations are necessary when choosing the space-inspired theme to name your dog.  However, like most other naming conventions, dog owners should take care not to give their dog a long name with multiple syllables.  Just like with people, we tend to shorten our dog's long name to something easier to say or we go with a completely different nickname that deviated from our dog's name.  Calling your dog by many different names might confuse him and make training more difficult.  

Aside from the length of space inspired names, dog owners should also consider their dog's breed, color, and size.  For example, Belka, who was the first Russian space dog alongside Strelka to orbit Earth, means whitey in Russian.  As an ode to the first dog in space as well as her color, white dog owners could consider giving their new white coated puppy Belka for a name.  Size may also play a factor in space inspired dog names.  Names like Armstrong, Titan, and Apollo sound like big dog names while Sirius, Atom, and Luna might be more suited for smaller dogs.  Finally, if dog owners wish to give their new canine friends names inspired by other dogs of space, they might consider the breeds.  For example, Astro the Jetson's dog was a Great Dane and Comet, the Tanner's dog from Full House was a Golden Retriever.   

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Community Dogs With Space Inspired Names

Eclipse is my new puppy! she is a black and white corgi. she is very smart and the perfect cuddle buddy!'s name story for Space Inspired Dog Names
Eclipse is my new puppy! she is a black and white corgi. she is very smart and the perfect cuddle buddy!
Nashville, TN
shy & cuddly

When i got my puppy she didnt have a name. My corgi is black and white which made me think of an oreo at first. But when i was looking at her she made me think of and eclipse or when the moon is covered my another planet!!!

Shadow's name story for Space Inspired Dog Names
Tarpon Springs, FL

He was Already named shadow

Rocket's name story for Space Inspired Dog Names
Swea City, IA

Rocket is a very active little pup who loves to run. At the time I was watching guardians of the galaxy with my family and he was running around the house. He also reminded us of the character rocket.

Miley's name story for Space Inspired Dog Names
Rochester Hills, MI

When we rescued Miley at the shelter, her given name was Miley! We decided to keep the name as it fit her well!

Kitty's name story for Space Inspired Dog Names
Wake Forest, NC
high energy

My dog's naming was kind of a family decision on that kind of name for a boxer.

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