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You were thinking of your future when you decided to adopt a dog, but that doesn't mean the dog's name can't be retro. There are lots of cool names from the past that work great for a cool pup. Retro is anything fashionable from a bygone era, particularly from the 20th century. It's almost a form of nostalgia, a yearning for days gone by. Your pup may be new but a retro moniker might bring back memories of dogs you loved in the past or touch a place in your heart you thought could no longer be touched. A retro name may be the perfect way to express your bond with this new pup. Plus, it be groovy, man.

Retro Dog Names in Pop Culture

Retro Dog Name Considerations

One thing we know, naming a dog is a bit easier than naming a child. You don't have to worry about the dog being socially accepted, whether the initials spell anything undesirable, or how the first and last name sound together. It does, however, require thought and  consideration. How about coming up with something unique for your furry friend? 

A retro name is perfect for many dogs. There are words that describe personality, size, attitude and many more attributes. Is your dog calm and laid back? How about calling it Chill from hippie lingo? Active and energetic? Maybe Dynamite (a phrase made popular on the TV show Good Times) would be ideal?

Whatever name you choose, make sure it's easy to say and easy for the dog to understand and remember. They work best with short names of just one or two syllables. Names that sound too similar to everyday commands aren't usually a good idea, either. For example, "Joe" sounds like "no" and could cause the dog to be confused. 

A retro dog name should be chosen because you love it. It needs to make you feel something, either happy or nostalgic or sentimental. It also needs to please the other members of the family, and most importantly, make the dog happy.

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