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Competition can make competitors friends or enemies. Such is the relationship between Bridge to Terabithia's main characters, Jess and Leslie. Jess Aarons is an outcast among his peers as well as most of his family. His only real friend for most of his childhood is his younger sister, May Belle. Jess likes solitary activities - drawing and running. Just as he enters the fifth grade, Jess commits to a goal of being the quickest runner in his class. However, a new girl in Jess's class, Leslie, gives him quite a run for his goal. Like Jess, Leslie is a lonely person, and, even though Leslie is competition regarding running, she and Jess become fast friends. Together, they dream up a land where the two of them rule a kingdom of their own, Terabithia.

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Bridge to Terabithia Dog Name Considerations

What kind of dog would benefit from having a name inspired by the Bridge to Terabithia novel and accompanying film? First, in the novel, Jesse is gifted a dog he nicknames P.T. (which stands for Prince Terrien). Although we are not told for certain exactly P.T.'s lineage, in the film, Prince Terrien is portrayed by a Havanese. This would make the Havanese particularly suited for a Bridge to Terabithia-inspired name. 

One of the character traits that Jess and Leslie both share deals with their love for running. Although many dog breeds enjoy running and playing, there are some dogs just built for speed. The Greyhound, the Italian Greyhound, and the Whippet all come to mind when considering dogs capable of great speed. 

Most dog breeds like to pursue game - any game. Sometimes this game is a tennis ball or a bone thrown by their owner. Other times this game is literal small game such as birds or squirrels. It might even be larger game such as a deer or wild turkey. Sporting dogs, as grouped by the AKC, include Cocker Spaniels, German Wirehaired Pointers, and the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Not only will these dogs shine with a unique, Bridge to Terabithia-inspired name, but they embody the main characters' love for running. 

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