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Do you have a fancy, black and white doggo on your hands? Looking for a name for this sophisticated, fun-loving stud or studette? You've come to the right place. Hopefully, this name guide will be something to bark about. Whether you’re looking for a snazzy moniker or a lighthearted sort of title, we’ve served up some of the best tuxedo tags to inspire you in this naming process. Your dog’s tuxedo coat is too beautiful to be overlooked, and it certainly should be part of what you call them. Bring on the top hats, bow ties, crisp white linen, and black suit! It’s tuxxy time!

Tuxedo Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tuxedo Dog Name Considerations

You’re so lucky! You have a tuxedo fur baby! Now, it’s time to find a name that “suits” them best. We’ve got a lot of ideas below, but we also want you to think outside the box. This naming process can be really fun. Have a good time brainstorming. That said, we’ve got some unique and even clever ones coming your way. If you’re into famous film characters that have donned the tux, you might try “James,” “Bond,” “Bruce,” “Wayne,” “Fred,” “Bogart,” “Anna May,” or “Josephine.” Other celebrity titles that center on the tux are “Timberlake,” “Ellen,” “Charli,” “Madonna,” “Janelle,” and “Chaplin.”

Animated tux-wearing characters you might lean on for inspiration are “Mumble,” “Mickey,” “Pepe,” “Sylvester,” and “Tennessee.” You might also opt for “Oscar,” “Red” for red carpet, “Goldie,” or “Espy,” especially if your pup is a show-stopper or award-winner. If their black and white game is strong, go for “Oreo,” “Zebra,” “Sundae,” or “Junior.” Finally, monikers like “Tux,” “Suit,” “Fancy,” “Bow Tie,” and “Elegance” are quite literal and pawfect! You’re going to have one of the best-dressed (or coated) doggos and one of the best-named ones as well. They’ll be ready for a stroll through town in no time. Everyone will be staring, oohing, and awwing over your sharp-dresser!

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Community Dogs With Tuxedo Names

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