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Following in the footsteps of The Nutty Professor, Flubber is a story surrounding a creative and innovative professor, Philip Brainard. Somewhat obsessed with his new invention, a rubbery substance that seems to have a personality all its own, Professor Brainard somehow forgets to attend his own wedding. In only the way he can, Robin Williams portrayed the absent-minded professor who utilizes this new "flubbery" invention to attempt to win back his girlfriend. Flubber - the nickname Professor Brainard bestows on the rubbery-substance - is rather mischievous and provides the perfect antagonist to the socially awkward professor as he attempts to win his love, Sara, back.

Flubber Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Flubber Inspired Dog Name Considerations

The original film that Flubber is based on is a 1961 Disney black and white movie titled The Absent-Minded Professor. In the original film, Professor Brainard owns a pet dog named Charlie. The exact breed of Charlie is not known, although he appears to be a terrier of some kind. In Flubber, the pet dog looks to be a Wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier (or possibly a mixed breed with some Jack Russell heritage). Either way, when considering what breeds would be suited to a name from the Flubber movie, the Jack Russell Terrier and any mixed breed dog are two breeds that are acceptable. 

Furthermore, the actual Flubber itself is described as "lively." This is a characteristic of many terrier breeds. It is also a trait common to the Jack Russell Terrier. The Jack Russell Terrier is able to leap over relatively tall fences and is often considered a breed that is prone to mischief when they become bored. The Boston Terrier is also a breed that can't seem to help themselves when it comes to getting into trouble. This lively breed loves to jump and play. In fact, some Bostons love to chase a bouncing ball - which is part of the infamous dog scene in the Flubber movie. Truly, any dog with a great deal of energy is fitting of a name inspired by the movie Flubber

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