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The Japanese Spitz dog is a real beauty, with thick, snow white fur and an appealing personality. Who could resist that smile on their face?  Naming this dog should be easy, but like naming anything - it is a tough decision. They are just a ball of fur as a pup, and it can be tempting to call them 'Furball'. But they will grow up and need a more dignified name to honor their devotion and loyalty to you. We have compiled an extensive list of names which include many Japanese monikers and meanings to help you choose your dog's forever name.

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Japanese Spitz Dog Name Considerations

The Japanese Spitz originated in Japan so you may want to consider a name from their homeland. Japanese dog names have an exotic sound to them; they are almost musical. When naming your dog, you want to look for a name that is easy to say. Remember that you will be calling to your dog in public, so it needs to be a name that rolls off your tongue effortlessly. If you choose a foreign name, be sure you understand the meaning of it. Japanese names may appeal to hint at your dog's origin. Names such as Hikari (which means light) or Tomomi (beautiful friend) sound exotic and lovely for a female Japanese Spitz. Your male dog could suit the name Akio (bright man) or Takeshi (warrior). Your new addition will survive without a name for a day or so, which gives you time to get to know them and define their personality. Have fun checking out our list of names - you are sure to find a winner.
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