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Located in Central Europe, Poland is officially called the Republic of Poland and houses about forty million people, making it the sixth most populated state of the European Union. Almost 95% of those who live there are Polish, and 90% of them are Roman Catholic. It is also the eighth largest economy in the European Union. The State of Poland can be traced back to 966 A.D. while the Kingdom of Poland was founded in 1025 A.D. You may be considering naming your dog a Poland name because you are of Polish origin, have been to Poland and loved it, or you just enjoy the language. 

Polish Dog Names in Pop Culture

Polish Dog Name Considerations

When trying to decide on the furfect name for your new pup, you may be thinking a Polish name because you have a Polish dog breed such as the Pomeranian, Polish Lowland Shepherd, Polish Tatra Sheepdog, Polish Greyhound, Kuvasz, Polish Hound, and the Polish Hunting Dog. Or maybe you are Polish, and you want to go with the Polish language as a tribute to your heritage. You may even just really love the country of Poland and would like to commemorate a trip you took there or would like to take. 

Choosing a name is not as hard as you think but you should put some thought into it since your pooch is special and you want their name to be special as well. Since you have already chosen Polish dog names, it is obvious that Poland means something special to you. So, start by learning more about the country and all of its customs, cities, lakes, food, and famous Polish folks. You may want to choose one of those names like Pierogi, which is a Polish dumpling or Casimir, who was the Duke of Poland from 1040 A.D. until 1058 A.D. Whatever name you choose for your canine companion, make sure you like it because you will be using it for years to come. 

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