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The old time Scotch Collie was nearly obsolete fifty years ago. At the turn of the 20th century, these dogs were quite popular. They made excellent farm dogs and city dwellers desired them, too because they were loyal. Often owned by royals, they were fashionable, intelligent, and wonderful companions. The breed has now evolved into smooth-coated and rough-coated versions and changed somewhat over the years; thus, the Scotch Collie is no longer recognized as a breed. In the 1980s and 90s, though, a few Scotch Collie enthusiasts began finding and reviving the breed. If you are fortunate enough to become the owner of a Scotch Collie, you are lucky indeed.

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Scotch Collie Dog Name Considerations

A Scotch Collie is a breed that is just now recovering from near extinction. Fortunately, they have been revived and, though still few and far between, you can own one of these fabulous dogs. If you have decided to adopt a Scotch Collie you'll want them to have a name as unique as they are. Their big personality, herding instinct, loyalty, and bravery are all good starting places for choosing a name. Consider their Scottish heritage as well and select a moniker based on your favorite Scottish location.

Choosing a name for your dog is the first step in establishing a bond with them. You'll want a name that rolls off the tongue, nothing too complicated or hard to pronounce. As you try out various names, watch your dog. Do they seem attracted to any of them in particular? Does their head tilt or do they raise their ears at the sound? That could be a big clue. A shorter name usually works best. Anything too long or complicated will only confuse your dog and be a tongue twister for the rest of the family. Whether you choose a name that's regal or rascally your dog will be a happy, loyal pet. They like to work, but they also like to lay around and spend time with the family. No wonder this dog was worth saving.

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