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Some dogs are just moody. They may look moody or act like they don’t care what is going on around them. Or maybe they just cannot be bothered by anyone. It could be that your dog is the most lovable and sweet dog in the world but just looks grumpy, making you and others think he looks moody. Everyone is moody once in a while, but if your pooch is cranky all the time, maybe you should name your dog for that personality trait. Be nice though; you don’t want to make your dog any moodier than they already are.

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Dog Name Meaning Moody Considerations

Does your pup look like they lost their best friend? Is your fur buddy happy one minute and mad the next? Maybe your dog is just moody. We probably all know people who are moody, but they probably would not like to be named for that trait. Your dog, however, may enjoy being called something cute that represents that inner anger and angst. Of course, you don’t want your dog’s name to be something mean or rude that would make others think you don’t like your furry friend, because you love your dog. But, giving your pooch a silly name that means moody may be nice and it sure would fit your little buddy. 

Just like humans, dogs have their own personality. Whether they are a huge Great Dane or a tiny Chihuahua, they may be bossy, funny, easygoing, or even just bad-tempered. Unlike naming our human children, we tend to wait until we can figure out our dog’s uniqueness before we give them a name so that it will fit. As you ponder the perfect tag, consider the names Fang for the dog who likes to show their grit, or Dozer, for the pushy pup. Is your new addition always getting into things? Mischief would suit! A canine that loves to create chaos could be called Eris, after the Greek goddess of chaos.

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