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Many people consider their four-legged buddy to be a blessing. If your dog stands beside you through good times and bad, then he might be your furry miracle. It is not unusual to want to give your dog a tag that shows they are truly loved by God. A unique name such as this also lets everyone know that your pooch is your pampered and adored sidekick. Afterall, who doesn't like dogs? God created all creatures such as canines and consider this, God spelled backward is dog!

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Dog Name Meaning Loved by God Considerations

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the first animals ever domesticated. In many world religions, they have taken center stage which clearly shows that they have been loved by God. In the Aztec Empire, dogs were considered gods themselves. Several burial sites have been located that indicate the status of the canines throughout Central and South America.

Egypt also depicted dogs in high positions. A canine headed god named Anubis played a vital role. In Greek mythology, dogs were considered sacred to Artemis and Ares. A three-legged dog named Cerberus was believed to guard the Greek underworld. Festivals centering around canines and religion are also not unusual. In India, Hindu's also worship dogs during the five day festival of Tihar. 

Christianity has also recognized canines throughout history The Catholic Church considered Saint Roth to be the patron saint of dogs. The story states that Roth contracted the plague and went into the woods to die. While there he was befriended by a canine who helped him to recover by licking his wounds and also sharing food with him. 

If you are thinking about picking a name that denotes God's love for canines then you should think about the various roles that dogs have taken in world religions. Undoubtedly, you will probably be able to find something interesting to call your pooch that shows how much the dog means to you. 

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