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Owning a dog is a lot like having a human child because all parents think their baby is gifted. It is a natural reaction to the unadulterated love that you feel for your beloved, whether a son or daughter or a four-legged pooch. From the time you bring home a puppy, you are probably looking for unique little characteristics that set your dog apart from others. This is only natural. Parents do it with human children too. If you think your canine is truly gifted then why not give them a moniker that shows your furry buddy's brilliance?

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Dog Name Meaning Gifted Considerations

Is your pooch a regular Einstein or Stephen Hawking? Well, even if they lack those superior mental qualities, you still might think they are beyond gifted. Maybe they can catch the tennis ball every single time that you chuck it or, perhaps your pooch is a regular Frisbee champion. Do they have the moves of Michael Jackson? 

There are a lot of things that make a dog gifted in their owner's eyes. You just have to explore the various things that set your dog apart from the rest, even if your dog's gifts are less then desirable. Maybe your pooch is a regular Houdini at escaping under the fence or a known thief who sneaks food from tables or countertops with ease. The talents that set your dog apart from others are unique. 

Even if you feel your canine isn't gifted in an obvious way, all that matters is how you perceive them. Picking a name to showcase their unique abilities should not be hard. Just remember, all dogs are gifted in some way or another. It might take a bit of time to reveal your pooch's talents, but they will inevitably appear. You can even pick a name that is merely wishful thinking if you want your pup to end up growing up to be a gifted canine genius. 

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