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Heralded as one of the most prolific manga/anime franchises of all of time, Death Note primarily follows the rise and fall of a Japanese Honor Student by the name of Light Yagami as he stumbles across an otherworldly notebook that can take a person's life once their name is written in it. After being informed of the titular Death Note's surreal powers by the notebook's owner, a Japanese Grim Reaper-like spirit named Ryuk, Light endeavors to use the Death Note to purge the world of all evil or corrupt people in order to make the world a perfect (in his eyes) place. Throughout the manga's original 3 year run, Death Note meditates on a number of weighty philosophies and ideas; chief among them are the concepts of "the true meaning of Justice" and the risk of becoming a monster after fighting them for so long.

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Death Note Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Over the course of its run, the Death Note series created some of the most memorable and multifaceted characters in all of fiction, let alone manga or anime. Huge fans of the series, we can vividly remember watching episode after episode while sitting in nail-biting suspense, wondering whether Light Yagami or the enigmatic L would come out on top of their metaphorical cat and mouse game. If you're looking to give your dog a name that represents high intelligence, and don't want to name your pet Sherlock or Watson due to how prevalent both of those names are, consider naming your pet after Light or L; two of the greatest minds to have ever emerged from Japanese fiction. Taking into account the vastly opposing views of Justice that Light and L respectively championed, We'd highly recommend considering your dog's prospective name more carefully than usual; Light's Justice resembled more of a "might makes right" philosophy by the end of the series, and many people who weren't at all evil were felled by his hand because they "got in his way", but he did lower crime rates and very nearly established a new world order. L's justice, on the other hand, represents an adherence to law & order; L always considered Light's Justice to be flawed because Light was an "ends justify the means" type of guy while L never compromised and was always level-headed. Peruse our list and choose the Death Note name that suits your addition the most.

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