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Are you a first-time pet parent?  As you pull into your driveway, coming home for the first time with your new furry family member, is your mind whirling with things you have to do?  Things like what to feed them, where they're going to sleep, house training, leash training, food and water bowls and toys bump into each other as they vie for first place on your "To Do" list ... so many new responsibilities!    What about naming that darling doggie; where on the list does that task fall?

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Many pet owners, whether new or repeat pet parents, fear the task of choosing a name for that lovable lump of fur which is sitting in their laps or curled up in front of the patio door.  While we all know how important names are for we humans as we labor over the perfect name for our children before or just after their births,  let me point out that names matter to dogs, too. For example, consider how the name will sound when you're calling for your pet from across the dog park, down the street or while they run after a small animal during a routine walk. Some pet owners generate clues, considering things like the pet's breed, gender, coat color or texture or cute (or maybe not so cute) personality or behavioral traits they've noticed in their dog for those names.  Still, other pet parents utilize the alphabet to stimulate their imaginations for names.  How about considering names that mean something - like dog names that mean "timid"?  You could reflect upon some of the synonyms of timid, like quiet, shy, gentle, tender or bashful to get those creative juices flowing.
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