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Have garish ghosts and ghastly ghouls been giving you a hard time? Have rowdy werewolves and vicious vampires given you a reason to be afraid of the dark? Thinking about calling the Ghostbusters but can't afford to pay for their services? Well, get in touch with Mystery Incorporated, or Mystery Inc. for short, this crack team of burgeoning crime solvers has racked up quite an impressive record when it comes to demystifying faux-paranormal phenomena and putting the con men behind-the-mask behind bars. The Mystery Inc. gang have been in business for more than 40 years and counting, so give them a call the next time a scandalous swamp monster tries to swipe your swag!

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As mentioned before, the Mystery Inc. team is comprised of a dedicated group of aspiring crime solvers with more than 4 decades of experience under their belts. The team consists of Frederick "Freddie" Herman Jones, the charismatic leader of the team and the primary driver of the Mystery Incorporated's world famous Mystery Van. Next up, we've got Daphne Blake; she's the most presentable of the team, considering her well known love for fashion and beauty, but she's also become a much more competent and self sufficient member of the team over the years (having ventured into journalism, martial arts, and the celebrity world when she's not solving mysteries with the group.)

Velma Dinkley is the smartest member of the group and the brains behind their operation. She's also the youngest and most impressionable member of Mystery Inc. which often leads her to defer to Fred or Daphne in certain situations. Norville "Shaggy" Rogers, despite his lethargic and lackadaisical demeanor, is one of the older members of the group and a royal air at that. Among the many worldly possessions Shaggy has inherited, the most valuable of all is perhaps the most famous member of the Mystery Inc. Gang, the incredibly smart, incredibly cowardly Great Dane of legend; Scooby-Doo himself. If you see your dog in any of these personalities, then a Scooby-Doo Where Are You! name will be the perfect fit.

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Great Dane
Whitehouse, OH

I have always loved Scooby doo and wanted a great Dane. I finally got one so I wanted to give her a name associated with the show.

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