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Dog names ending in "ko" are often more popular in Asia but are becoming more well known in the western world as well. Names ending with "ko" tend to be cheeky, roll off the tongue when you’re calling your dog and can be a little bit cute as well. What’s more, you can swap the more common ‘c’ in many names for a ‘k’ giving it a point of difference. An example of that is Koko instead of Cocoa.

People choose this name to be quirky and different from more common dog names. Spot, Marley, and Milly were all famous dog names at one point, but it’s getting to the point where if you call your dog at a dog park, ten others will run up to you – all with the same name! Sometimes, it’s helpful to be different. Here are a few dog names ending in "ko" if you dare to be a little different. 

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Dog Name Ending in ko Considerations

There are a few things you may like to consider before going ahead and naming your dog a name ending in "ko". As mentioned previously, dog names ending in "ko" tend to be more popular in Asia. Take Hachiko, for example. Dogs with Asian-style names tend to be Asian dogs such as Akitas, Shiba Inus, Kai Kens, Kishu Kens, and Japanese Terriers. There’s no reason for it, other than Asian names, in general, utilizing 'k' more than you might see in westernized culture.

Longer names ending in "ko" also tend to suit larger dogs with more personality and strength. If you choose a name that ends in "ko", but it’s short, it can suit smaller dogs with cheeky personalities. You can then find a myriad of name options that don’t follow the same Japanese-style formatting as the longer names do – such as Koko or Cheeko.

Color also plays a part in what you name your dog. Many famous dogs with names ending in "ko" were brown or variations of brown. Koko the Kelpie was a deep, chocolate brown (like cocoa), while Hachiko was a light tan or white color. Take the time to match a name to your dog’s personality. There’s no hurry to get it right. 

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