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The gentle giant expression is often used to describe the large breed dogs.  Though they can be fiercely protective and always loyal, they rest most of the day and appear docile unless alerted to potential dangers.  Dog owners and those interested in adopting a giant breed dog should already have an idea of how large their puppy will be at adulthood.  Sometimes, dog owners chose a name that reflects the giant size and the docile disposition of their colossal canine.  There are many options for choosing a name including references to various mythological giants as well as words or names that mean giant.

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Dog Names Meaning Gentle Giant Considerations

Dog owners who wish to give their large dog a giant name have a few considerations to make.  First and the most obvious; unless dog owners are looking to be ironic, choosing a gigantic moniker should mean they have a giant breed dog in the family.  Gentle giant dog breeds include most of the giant and large breeds, such as the Great Dane, the Bernese Mountain Dog, the Bullmastiff, the Newfoundland, the American Pit Bull Terrier, the Greyhound, the Irish Wolfhound, and the Saint Bernard.  This does not include the full list of gentle giants but also extends the honors to some of the large giants, like the Pit Bulls.  Contrary to popular belief, the American Pit Bull is a loving, affectionate, and gentle dog and worthy of a gentle giant themed name.

The second consideration dog owners must make is in the name itself.  To classify as a gentle giant-themed name, the name itself must not give rise to violent thoughts or associations.  For example, the names Bruiser, Butch, Tank, and Goliath are all big dog names; however, they are also names associated with fighting or warfare.  Names such as Sequoia, Baloo, Groot, and Jolly are giant associated names that suggest a gentleness of nature as well.     

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Snuffy's name story for Dog Names Meaning Gentle Giant
Katy, TX

I wanted to put an extra name for her that's why I took months and kept on searching and finally I found name i.e Snuffy and she always keeps on smelling everything.

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