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When it comes to athletics, few sports or events are as accessible to dogs as track and field. They may not be able to handle a javelin or a discus or a hammer, but they can certainly run fast, hurdle, and leap great distances, and most of the time, it’s just for fun. History has seen some incredible performances over the years both in the Olympic Games and out, and because of it, there’s a healthy roster of notable names that have graced the record books over the years. So if you’re a fan of a specific event, the Olympics, track and field, or just the beautiful simplicity of being athletic, then few things will suit your dog better than a track and field inspired name. 

Track and Field Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Track and Field Inspired Dog Name Considerations

When trying to find an appropriate track and field inspired name for your dog, you’ll need to consider a variety of things. First, you should take a look at their most poignant traits from their looks to their breed origin to their personality. Then think about whether you think they’d be best suited with the name of a great athlete that excelled at similar activities or just a generic term that appropriately captures something about them.

For instance, if your Finnish Spitz or Lapphund is a particularly good runner, then Paavo, Nurmi, Lasse, Viren, and Ville would all be great selections after the legendary Finnish Olympians. If your dog has a penchant for jumping over things (furniture, fences or even actual hurdles) then names like Hemery, Edwin, Moses or Lolo would all be great picks since they’re all famed hurdlers. If you want something more generic, there are plenty of options as well, such as naming them after a particular event such as discus (maybe for a dog that likes catching frisbees, perhaps?) or after something with similar movement, such as naming your spear-like leaper Javelin. 

There are many more ways you can go with your naming process as well. Feel free to use our list for inspiration or thumb through some websites with a few historic track and field athletes to find some great stories that might provide just the right anecdote to help you cement the right name.

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