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 Picking a name for your new canine companion is an important and sometimes entertaining early responsibility of pet ownership. White, when dealing with paint and ink, is the absence of color, but when dealing with light it is the culmination of all colors. While this color is seen as a symbol of purity, elegance, and peace in many Western cultures, it typically represent death and mourning in some Asian countries like China and Korea, and is considered to be a color of bad luck. Names that have white in the meaning, while frequently given to dogs with white coats, also work well for dogs with other varying colors.  

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Dog Name Meaning White Considerations

Choosing a new name for your dog is an entertaining but important responsibility for most pet parents. The name you choose for your pet will be one that you will be saying and hearing many times a day, hopefully for quite some time. Picking one that your dog naturally responds to can help improve your dog’s responsiveness toward training, and names that are difficult for you to pronounce consistently can cause confusion and impair the training and bonding experience. 

There are many ways to narrow down a list of names that mean white or are inspired by things that are traditionally white.  You can choose the name based off of the specific canine’s appearance, picking a name like Finnian for a small dog or Matoskah or Satanta for a larger one, or from their personality, giving a dog that spends a lot of time running and bounding a name like Rim, meaning white antelope, where Yonas, meaning dove, may be chosen for a more peaceful and retiring animal. The heritage of the animal can also be taken into consideration, making a moniker of Bái more likely for a Chinese dog like a Pug or a Pekingese, while a more traditionally English dog, like a Bulldog or a Beagle, may be more likely to be dubbed Wynne. 

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Snowy's name story for Dog Names Meaning White
Alaskan Malamute
Covington, LA

She was snowy white

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