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Often compared to Gary Larson’s The Far Side for its wry sense of humor, Chad Carpenter’s Tundra, a comic strip about nature and the animals that make their home in the great frozen wilderness of Alaska, has become the most successful self-syndicated newspaper comic in history. While a large portion of the comics are single panel gags, Chad also has a few reoccurring characters that include himself, portraying a cartoonist, a bear, a squirrel, a skunk, and a couple of lemmings, as well as an ongoing segment about an organization of sentient moose nugget with an agenda. Tundra appeals to a wide base of fans and if you are one of those fans you may want to consider some of these Tundra inspired names.  

Tundra Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Tundra Inspired Dog Name Considerations

Choosing a name for your canine companion can be a challenging experience for a new pet owner and an important decision. A good name, one that you and your family or housemates can easily pronounce and one that your dog responds well to, can help strengthen your bond and facilitate training and obedience. Picking a name from something that makes you happy or makes you laugh can help lift your mood even more whenever you think about your pup and gives you another conversation starter if you happen to be shy with other people, making it easier to transition from conversations about your dog to other subjects that are of interest. Tundra is a comic strip that makes a lot of people laugh, not just in the United States, but in Canada, Europe, Jamaica, and Trinidad as well, and there are many options for names inspired by the world of Tundra. Some people may choose to name their dog after someone who is key in the creation of the comic, like Karen, Chad, or Darin, while others may choose one of the animal characters that Chad has developed like Dudley, Andy, or even Morry. Considerations such as the canine’s appearance and personality may also influence the decision so that a large brown dog may be given the moniker Grizzly while a fluffy white dog might end up with the name Snowball instead, and that dog that just can’t seem to quit going may be dubbed Honeybee or Beaver, while the extremely quiet dog may end up with a name like Mime. 

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