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Just as every world religion has its own creation story - a story that explains how everything began - all world religions have tales and prophesies that predict how the world will end. For the Abrahamic religions, there's Armageddon. For Zoroastrianism, there's Frashokereti. And for Norse Mythology, there's Ragnarok. Yes, the same event that the third Thor movie was based on. But whereas the seventeenth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a lighthearted action comedy, the events of the traditional understanding of Ragnarok is anything but fun; gods will die, worlds will be destroyed, and nothing will be left but ashes. Worst of all, many believe that  Ragnarok will happen sometime very soon!

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Ragnarok Inspired Dog Name Considerations

If you're a Norse Mythology buff, we can't really think of a better reason to consider giving your dog a Ragnarok inspired name. After all, all of your favorite Norse goddesses and gods will be there; Odin and the Aesir are purported to go out in the blaze of glory, fighting against impossible odds for the fate of gods and men! The horrible creatures that they're going to face off against are some of the most unique, multifaceted beasts in all of Norse Mythology - with the world serpent and the dread wolf, Fenrir, standing out as two monsters that are believed to play key roles in the Nordic apocalypse. 

There are also quite a few video games, books, movies, and TV shows that are based on the concept of Ragnarok. Some forms of media, like the popular massive multiplayer online roleplaying game Ragnarok: Online, follow their source material very loosely. Other pieces, like A. S. Byatt's Ragnarok: The End of the Gods, play things very straight. Whatever your persuasion, there's likely some form of Ragnarok inspired media out there that'll tickle your fancy and help make the end of the world that much more bearable in turn. In most of these stories, there's also a high likelihood that at least one of Norse Mythology's most notorious canine characters will make a grand appearance.

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