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A new dog is an exciting time for any family. I have known some people who have had to wait years before they could get a dog, mainly due to work commitments or housing restrictions that have made it impossible to have one. But when the moment comes when they do have more time, and their living accommodation is welcoming to a dog, then what an exciting moment it is. Everyone has their own ideas about the breed of the dog they want, the color, the size, and even the type of personality they will be looking for. Very few though, actually stop and think about a name. And that is when it really becomes difficult and overwhelming. To be honest, once you have your dog and you have spent a couple of days getting to know them, the naming becomes easier. A large dog just cries out for a name like Buster, Brutus or Achilles just because of their size and power. Smaller dogs suit a different type of name, such as Pickles, Rascal or Bella. Just to make it easier for a new dog owner, we have compiled a list of names from an unlikely but unique source, from the animated movie The Beauty and the Beast. Movies are an excellent source of inspiration and you will find some unique names amongst our list.

Beauty and the Beast Dog Names in Pop Culture

Beauty and the Beast Dog Names in Pop Culture

You will want a name for your dog that describes not only his appearance or breed but one that takes his or her personality into account. To kick-start your imagination, you can pick something from your childhood, such as a comic book character you loved. Or you could base it on your dog's good looks, such as Jett for a black dog, or Sugar, Snowy or Ivory for a white dog. You could even steal a name from the famous, like  Hulk (after The Incredible Hulk), or you may consider an animated movie such as Beauty and the Beast as a great way to start the creative juices flowing. You can use fun names of supporting characters or even from the protagonists (main characters) to help you in your search. Beauty or Bella (which means beautiful) are perfect for a female dog. They are easy to say, they are not offensive in their meaning, and you can live with this name for many years without regret. So maybe you should watch a movie or two to get inspiration, or you could just check our list of names and get your inspiration there - quickly and for free!

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