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Children are very easy to please. They like chocolate and they like whimsy. Roald Dahl, one of the most famous authors in history, knew that. Instead of trying to make children sit down and listen to him, he created worlds where children could get lost. They voluntarily sat down and read what he had to say. He always taught them important lessons, gave them advice and showed them how to get through life with a smile. In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, he taught them that the world was more fantastic than what they could see in front of them.

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Charlie was just like any other boy, except he was slightly less fortunate than other boys. His family was exceptionally poor and his father had just lost his job. His mum and dad had to take care of their parents as well as their little boy. Since there was no money for food, his mother and father grew cabbages. Cabbages are healthy they reasoned, and so they always ate cabbages for dinner. But in between dinner and breakfast, there was no food. Despite all this, Charlie was a cheerful little boy who would always look on the bright side of life. Often, a dog can help us to have the same attitude - to always be positive. If your dog gives you the gift of positivity, then a tag denoted to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be just the fit.

Every year, on his birthday, Charlie got a Wonka bar of chocolate. Everyone knew that Wonka made the best chocolate. Since this was such a special treat, Charlie would make it last as long as possible. When the chocolate was finished, he would stand outside Wonka's factory, hoping to catch a glimpse of what was inside. Little did he know that his life would soon change forever. In this fantastic book, we were transported to every child's dream. The two movie adaptations left generations of children in awe. 

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