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In 1998, notorious comic artist and writer Frank Miller created a series of comic books with his then-wife Lynn Varley that were intended to serve as an ode to Battle of Thermopylae. Named 300 after the 300 Spartans who had fought against an army of Persians whose ranks were many times larger than themselves, this comic was later adapted into a film in 2006 by Man of Steel director Zack Snyder. Considered a masterclass in action film making by some, Snyder's 300 was so popular that the masses begged for a continuation to the story. In 2014, with a different director and writing team, that request would be granted when 300: Rise of an Empire was released.

300: Rise of an Empire Dog Names in Pop Culture

300: Rise of an Empire Dog Name Considerations

Probably the number one reason to give your dog a 300: Rise of an Empire name would be if you were a huge fan of the film that preceded it. Considering how prevalent that was film was, in terms of pop culture, as well as how much money it made, it's very likely that more than a few of our readers are massive fans of 300. Remember, this is the film that put Gerard Butler up for consideration as a bonafide action star and also helped elevate the profile of Lena Heady - of Game of Thrones and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles fame. 

The first 300 film has also often been touted as one of the best action films of the last few decades, with some film pundits comparing it to the likes of The Matrix in terms of how it revolutionized the genre. While 300: Rise of an Empire had some pretty big shoes to fill, many of the film's action sequences were praised by audiences and critics. While 300: Rise of an Empire didn't rise to the same heights of pop culture reverence that the first 300 film did, many fans of this film still consider it a must-see for fans of action films and sword and sandal epics. 

Take your pup's personality into consideration as you look for the perfect name. If your dog is a little warrior, the name Artemisia would be a good fit. A dog with a regal and kingly attitude would wear Xerxes or Leonidas well.

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