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If you’re the type who constantly looks to the stars — an astronomer, astrologer, a fan of Greek mythology or even just an appreciator of the night sky’s beauty — giving your dog a star inspired name is a great way to link them to your empyrean interests. The pool of names itself provides a massive list of unique options you won’t likely find anywhere else but in science fiction novels, many of which have fantastic stories and meanings behind them. So if you want your dog to shine as brightly in name as they do in personality, few themed names will suit them better than those based on the flames of the glistening heavens.

Star Inspired Dog Names in Pop Culture

Star Inspired Dog Name Considerations

While picking a star-themed name for your dog may be a bit intimidating since the titles aren’t as overt as those in other categories, the benefit is that most of them have significant historical meaning that goes far beyond just the name itself. 

To make it easier on yourself, make a list of what stands out most about your dog, such as their personality or tendencies, as these will be easier to match up with the translations of the star names. 

For instance, if your dog has crazy-good eyesight, then Ain, meaning “eye” in Arabic, would be a great choice. If you have a dog with a soft bark, then the name Alcor might be suitable, as it translates to “the faint one”. If your dog loves to be the center of attention or is particularly talented, then the name Meissa would be perfect, as it means “the shining one”. If you have a female dog that can do just about anything or shows no fear, then Bellatrix would be ideal, as it means “female warrior” in Latin. 

There are plenty of other ways you can go as well. If you’re into astrology, name them after a star that shares your astrological sign or maybe choose one that represents theirs (if you know their birthday). Just remember, although we’ve provided a hefty list of nice-sounding names, there are no limits to how you choose to make your furry star truly shine.

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