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How lucky to be welcoming a German Spitz into your home. This adorable fur baby will grow into a happy, alert and bubbly dog. They will bask in all the attention you can give them. Now that you have this little pooch, what are you going to call them? Choosing the name can be difficult. You will want it to be special and mean something to your dog. With so many names out there, it can be a daunting challenge. But have no fear, we have compiled a comprehensive list of dog names for the German Spitz. This list will help you to refine your choices before making the major decision. The name you choose must be easy to say. It should roll off your tongue easily because this dog that you have chosen will move quickly; they are active little souls! You need to be able to say their name quickly to stop them in their tracks! Keep this in mind as you browse our list.

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German Spitz Dog Name Considerations

What do you have to consider when choosing a name for your new dog? First, it must be easy to say, and it must be easy for your dog to learn. Consider a title that does not rhyme with a command; Jay sounds too much like "stay", for example. Simple is best! Secondly, if you do choose a longer name, make sure you like what others may shorten it to. Their shortened version may not appeal to you! Remember you will be asked your dog's name countless times as people stop to admire your pet. So, the name has to be something you are not embarrassed about and it should not be offensive to any party. Apart from that, you can be as creative as you like! For the German Spitz, you could consider a German name such as Fraulein, which means Miss, or Arvin, a tag that means friend to all. Just be sure to check the meaning of whatever you select and make sure you like it.
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