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The world of dogs is similar to the world of people: having one eye makes you stand out. How ever they lost it, whether due to an accident, health condition or the unknown, adopting them means two things: first, good for you for being the kind soul to take on a dog with specific needs and second, they’re going to need a name as unique as they are. Thankfully, there are tons of people and characters who have done great things with only one eye, and we’re here to share them with you so you can match up your one-eyed, one-of-a-kind with the perfect name.

One Eyed Dog Names in Pop Culture

One Eyed Dog Name Considerations

When trying to come up with the perfect one eyed name for your one eyed dog, it’s best to start by considering your own interests, as they may be a great basis to launch your search from.

For instance, if you’re into mythology, there are plenty of one eyed characters and deities spread across worldwide cultures, from the Irish giants like Balor to the Greek giants like the Cyclops. The Norse god Odin also only had one eye, as did the Jian, a bird from Chinese mythology, so if their breeds happen to stem from either of these regions as well, you’ve got even more tie-ins to help narrow your search. 

If you’re more into pop culture, consider your favorite movies and television shows. Doctor Who alone has Alpha Centauri, Dalek, the Monoids and Scaroth. The classics Escape from New York and Escape from L.A. both have the legendary tough guy Snake Plissken. Harry Potter has Alaster Moody and fans of timeless westerns won’t forget one eyed Rooster Cogburn. Diehard Goonies fans will have no trouble naming their one eyed dog Willie. 

There are tons of one eyed references scattered throughout reality, mythology and modern entertainment, so start by isolating some favorites and dig in! After all, they don’t need depth perception for their name to have depth.

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Community Dogs with One Eyed Names

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