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Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs were bred to work. They pulled carts, herded livestock, and stood guard. These dogs like to keep busy so a home with a fenced yard is ideal for them. Swissys, as their fond fans like to call them, tend to overheat easily when the weather is hot so it's best to let them stay inside in the air conditioning. They are loyal and affectionate and adore children, though because of their size they might accidentally knock over toddlers. These gentle giants love to spend time with their families and enjoy a good snuggle. There aren't too many dogs of this breed type left, so if you're lucky enough to have one, count your blessings. This dog's heart is as big as their body.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Name Considerations

You're looking at a beautiful little puppy with big brown eyes and a waggly tail. In less than a year, though, this dog will weigh close to, or over 100 pounds. Is there an appropriate name for now and then? Sure there is, it just requires a little thought and consideration. There are certain guidelines you can follow when naming any dog.

One rule most people adhere to is that shorter names work best. A moniker with one or two syllables is easy for your dog to remember and respond to. Anything much longer will only be confusing. It's also best to avoid names that sound too much like commands. For example, Moe sounds a lot like no. Swiss names are always suitable for your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, as are names about mountains. You may want to consider your dog's coloring (usually black, tan, and white) or the way they will be built when they are older. Swissy's often have distinctive eyebrows which can also  inspire a name.

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