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We use terms of endearments for those we love and we act no different with dogs. They are every bit as dear to us as human members of the family. Terms such as darling, sweetheart, angel, honey, and dear are all used to refer to loved ones. Most people use them not only for spouses but also for children and pets. Interestingly, such names are frequently referred to as 'pet' names. If you adore your dog, then why not name the pooch a dear and sweet pet name to let the world know how much the pooch truly means to you.

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Dog Name Meaning Dear Considerations

Creative words of affection have inspired what is considered true love for centuries. Vladamir Nabokov's great love letters that he wrote for his beloved Vera are considered the best examples of true affection ever depicted in writing. His love letters would open up with "my dear". Interestingly as their love grew they started to use animal-based terms of endearment to not only depict how deeply they cared for each other but also their adoration of animals. He would often call her his "Mousie", or "Mymousch"(which stands for "My Monkey" in Russian). Interestingly such impassioned letters all started out with the simple term of endearment "my dear".  

If your dog is indeed a member of your household and your beloved canine family member then why not give the pooch a moniker that shows precisely how much the dog means to you? There are many dear-based names to consider that might fit your furry buddy perfectly. 

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