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While it is true that bringing home that new puppy is an exciting time for the entire family, it is also true that a new pup in the house is loads of fun and playfulness.  What a joy to watch the kids fall into step with the feeding and training routines, spending long hours in exercise and playtime activities.  All of these duties are vital to the physical and emotional health of that new four-legged furry family member, but let's not forget another significant task - naming your pup.  And, by all means, don't forget to include the kids in the choosing of the perfect name!

Dog Names that Start with 'Le' in Pop Culture

Dog Name that Starts with 'Le' Considerations

Not all of the new duties associated with that new furry family member are fun and looked upon with confident expectation, and the task of choosing a name for that darling doggie seems to overwhelm many pet parents.  While many pet owners take the easy road and rely on more familiar names and cues that refer to the breed of their new addition, the color, coat or gender of their dog, we at Wag! have a better idea.  May we suggest naming your pet after your favorite summer drink (Lemonade), or that pile of colorful pieces from the oak tree in the front yard (Leaf), or how about a name that refers to the spotted coat of your cuddly canine (Leopard).  Why not explore dog names that start with ‘Le’ to label that delightful doggie who is likely curled up, sleeping contentedly in your lap right now?
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