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Everything "Boho" is trending these days, from fashion to home decor to - you guessed it - names! While many people choose to draw inspiration from this movement to don their offspring with free-spirited titles, there is no reason why this fad can't move over into the canine world as well.

The Bohemian movement began in France back with the misunderstanding of the Romani people. From that point, any who sported a lifestyle that was unconventional began to adopt the title, making it a favorite among starving artists who sometimes would choose poverty over "selling out." A less pure type of Bohemia practiced by those who do have some wealth is known as "haute bohème" and is probably closer to what pop culture has come to praise as the Boho style.

Whether you live an unshackled life full of artistic flair or you simply have a lot of wicker in your house, giving your pooch a Bohemian name is a great way for the two of you to stand out in a blasé world.

Bohemian Dog Names in Pop Culture

Bohemian Dog Name Considerations

When trying to find the perfect Bohemian name for your pupper, there are a few things to have in mind that may direct how your go about narrowing the lists down. What is classified as Bohemian has expanded greatly over the years covering different cultures and almost encompassing all names deemed cool or unique. 

While boho pet names gear towards adorable French monikers, the American Bohemian movement flushed a lot of English names into the mix as well. To greatly cut down on the time you spend searching, try to decide which historic flair you think suits your lifestyle and your doggo the best.

The next thing to consider is what feeling you'd like your canine's title to have. Bohemia is all about artistic expression and breaking free from the norm, so any direction you decide to go is totally on theme! Some may choose to add humor into the mix by giving a Mastiff a sweet name like Lilou or a Maltese a strong name like Buffalo. It is possible to incite a smile the first moment that people are introduced to your fur-baby.

Another route which you could take is that of a powerful name creating an image of beauty when people see your amazing woofer sitting tall or galloping through a field. Whatever you decide, if its original and free-spirited, it will fit the Bohemian style just fine.

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