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Not all dogs are clingy. Many show a streak of independence. That is not to say that they do not love you but they are just not the type to gush over you. Typically, independent breeds tend to be highly intelligent and self-reliant.  They are not afraid to make decisions for themselves. Many breeds have been bred to display such a character trait because it can be an asset. If you have a canine companion with an independent personality, you are sure to find the perfect name here. Peruse our list of 60 names and try one out on your dog!

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Dog Name Meaning Independent Considerations

Canines who exhibit an independent nature have been bred to show such a streak. It is an asset in their very existence. Guard dog breeds such as the Akita, Doberman, German Shepherd, Mastiff, and Chinese Shar-Pei are well known for their independent streak. Such a characteristic is an asset when guarding a home or owner. The dog is required to evaluate a situation quickly and efficiently without turning to its human owner for confirmation. In those independent moments, the dog determines if he should stand his ground or possibly attack to provide protection. In such instances, an independent nature is truly a sign of intelligence. Some dog breeds such as the Siberian Husky and Malamute were created to assist their human owners by pulling sleds through thousands of miles of hostile arctic tundra. As a sled dog, they must make decisions about the consistency of ice, the trail's safety, and during a blizzard whiteout even what direction to keep going. Their independent nature enables them to keep trudging ahead and gives them the confidence that they need to make critical decisions without any direction from their human caretaker. 

Even small dogs like the Scottish Terrier, Cairn Terrier,  Fox Terrier, Jack Russell, and the Manchester Terrier are scrappy and intelligent. They were often used as hunting dogs. Many terriers would face off a badger or a fox. Such strength of character helped keep them alive and fearlessly hunt for their owners. Training can also bring out independence in dogs. Guide dogs for the blind must act independently to make safety decisions on a daily basis. Police dogs also function not only on command but also by using their own intelligence to decide if they need to come to their partner's rescue. There is no doubt that an independent nature in any canine is an asset that should be appreciated and respected. If you see any of these traits in your new addition, then a name meaning independent will be just the fit.

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